Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fishing: a Public Resource or a Manageable Resource?

After watching the fishing video I was thinking about the question raised in the discussion about whether marine wildlife is a public resource or a manageable resource for the maximum benefit of the nation. I think that the answer is a little bit of both. I think the main problem with fishing is the commercial industry that uses long lines and huge nets and depletes fish popularizations faster than they can regenerate. I think that this is the part of the industry that needs to be more highly regulated. Today it would be impossible to regulate fishing on an international level. But if we were to start to implement some regulations here and start enforcing them we might start to see changes in the populations of fish around our shores. Eventually it might be possible to implement regulations on an international level. I think that there also needs to be an education process involved for those people who wish to fish commercially. In the video there appeared to be some fishermen who did not think there was a problem with the fishing industry. I believe that if someone wants to go out fishing they should be able to do so, However I think that there needs to be stricter regulations and more enforcement on commercial fishing.

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  1. I agree with what was said here, but to an extent I don't think you will be able to enforce some of these regulations with the growing demand for food especially fish in certain parts of the world. Fisherman don't really see a problem in what they are doing because this is how they make their living, if they don't catch/net fish they don't make money they can't make a living for themselves. I feel the same that maybe they should enforce stricter regulations to a possible catch size or maximum allowed before they aren't allowed to fish allowing the fish population to grow again. I liked how in Alaska the population of the fish would either make the season open or closed for fishing - giving the fish population a good chance to grow again thus not harming anything.
    I was very surprised that the fishing boats now target smaller species of fish - it shocked me to see that with the smaller species being targeted the larger fish populations has decreased even more due to the smaller species the large fish feed on diminishing.
    I feel that their is something we can do at least "locally" that can help the fish population regain strength again - such as set new regulations and enforce rules to make sure that fishing boat are meeting requirements which can hopefully in the long run become international.