Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Help for the Fish Farms?

After our discussion yesterday, during which, at one point, we considered more efficient ways to use energy, I began thinking of something else that needs to be made more efficient: fish farms. According to the video on Monday, many fish farms are harmful to the supply of fish in the ocean, which is counter-intuitive. It would seem that raising fish in farms, apart from the ocean, would spare the dwindling oceanic supply. This is untrue, however, because in many farms, the farmed fish must be fed with smaller fish, which must brought in from the ocean. Coincidentally, the video also mentioned that many commercial fishing boats, in search of a specific type of seafood (shrimp, tuna, etc.) bring in enormous quantities of other unwanted fish, which are then thrown out as waste. It just seems to me that it would be worth exploring a way to help solve both of these problems. If there were a way to convince the commercial fisherman to bring their excess "waste" seafood back with them, perhaps we could have a new source of food for the fish farms. Instead of just ending up dumped back into the ocean, the unusable seafood could be chopped up and put to good use as food in farms.

Of course, the fishermen would probably not just take on the excess weight for no good reason, so they would have to receive some kind of incentive. Here, the government may be able to help. As we all know, the government has given out subsidies for much less helpful endeavors. If they were to reward commercial fishermen for recycling their waste fish, they would probably be able to support fish farms with exponentially more food. Most importantly, this could all be done while sparing the smaller fish in the ocean normally gathered to feed the farms.

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