Monday, October 12, 2009

Geothermal Enery

When looking for alternative sources of energy, I have heard of Geothermal energy, but i did not know much about it. I even had a geothermal heating and cooling system installed in my high school but I still didn't know how it worked. I found out that Geothermal works by circulating water in underground loops which are natural parts of the earth. These loops are known as heat exchangers which are buried underground about 150-300 feet below the earth's surface because of the constant temperature. Heat exchangers consist of high density polyethylene pipe which is able to withstand the conditions and temperature underground. The constant temperature of the earth helps to balance the temperature of the air that is being circulated through the heat exchangers. Next the circulated water is transported to air heat pumps located in the buildings and heated air is pumped out to warm your rooms. Geothermal is a very safe and natural way to control the heating of cooling of your home or office no matter its size. It also helps to reduce global warming and helps to contribute to the goal of geothermal exchange. These geothermal systems are also very easy to use and can help people save 25 to 40 percent on their energy efficiency. Geothermal can also be used to generate electricity by the use of steam to drive turbines which generate the electricity.

Although their are many advantages to Geothermal energy systems they are disadvantages are well. One of the biggest disadvantages is the low number of proper locations for a powerplant. An ideal locations has suitable hot rocks at depths that allow for easy drilling, also the rock above the hot rocks must be easy enough to drill through. Another disadvantage of geothermal energy is that sometimes locations my temporarily run out of steam, which won't leave the power plant with enough power to generate electricity. Also geothermal energy is not easily transported and can only be used but people of business's that are in close vinicity to the power plant. In addition geothermal energy extracting also releases hazadorous gases and minerals which can come up through the steam. Geothermal energy extracting can also cause a number of low level earthquakes in the producing areas which damage homes and foundations.

Hopefully the Advantages out way the disadvantages and more people will start to use geothermal enery.

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