Monday, October 19, 2009

Zero Waste

A new movement is arising across national parks, schools, restaurants, stadiums and big corporations in which the plan of action to help with recycling is to produce less waste. This may seem like a no brain idea however actually executing it is more difficult that said. The best way is to ideally not use any non biodegradable materials, recycle what you can and to make compost instead of throwing away certain garbage.

What is normally just talked about being done is actually executed. The cafe at Yellowstone National Park is now using plastic, plant-based utensils, which if left out on the heat and sun for too long will "magically" dissolve. Eight North American Honda plants have implemented a recycling plan to recycle unused parts to such a degree that they no longer even have garbage disposals. Ecco, a popular restaurant no longer throws away table scraps from leftover meals. Instead they are taken to a giant compost heap out back. As you can see this strategy is slowly spreading across the nation and may be a bright solution to helping our environment.

One of the reasons for strongly implementing this method is the fact that landfills are running out and it is becoming difficult to secure permits for new landfills in additions to the decomposing methane needed for the landfills which also play a factor in the heating of the Earths atmosphere. A spokesperson from the Environmental Protection Agency realized the value of landfills and understands that we don't need to fill them up with the unnecessary.

This zero waste policy is becoming increasingly popular and is now even spreading to the packaging industry. The executive director of the Biodegradable Products Institute stated that companies across the world are coming to then and inquiring about their packaging and plastics.

Hopefully growing interest and implementation will continue on its path helping out the Earth.

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