Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Importance of Wetlands.

Today in class we mentioned wetlands while discussing different kinds of biomes. I always assumed wetlands where just muddy, disgusting pieces of land but many of my classmates brought up the fact that wetlands are actually very important. I decided to look up more about the importance of wetlands and found that these peices of land that i thought where gross actually serve many important jobs.

One important job of wetlands is that it is a natural water purifier and re-filler for water supplies. During the wet season wet lands absorb the water and slowly release it into the streams that normally dry up during the dry season. This provides a re-filler for water suppliers. It also cleans it by filtering out contaminations and pollutants. This is done by the roots and sediments forming together as a giant filter, purifying water that passes through it.

Another important role wetlands play is in flood control. In coastal areas where water accumulates due to heavy rainfall, wetlands decrease the velocity of excess running water. The land allows water to be spread out, acting as a barrier and reducing flood speeds. This allows for less damage on neighboring lands.

Wetlands are also a vital habitat to many different kinds of life forms, including many different endangered species. The vegetation provides shelter and food for underwater life and small creatures. In addition it's also a feeding ground for many migratory animals.

I never realized that wetlands do so many things for the Earth and its land and inhabitants. It was once an underestimated piece of land but now I know how important it really is.


  1. Let's not forget another great benefit. Since wetlands are now protected from development nobody can fill them in and build new atrocious suburban sprawls on top. I'd say saving us from those suburban eyesores is a benefit we can all be thankful for as well!

  2. I think that wetlands are something that should be looked into more for purifing waters. this is good because it is a natural and safe way to purify our water. I did not realize how usefull wetlands were either. But after learning about this we should stop distroying them. they are very important biome and we should start using them instead of destroying them