Monday, December 7, 2009

The Hempire

I stumbled upon a youtube video the other day presenting a brand new sports car - the Lotus Eco Elise. At first glance, I found it to be extremely attractive. The shape, color, and overall style of the vehicle really captured my attention. When investigating further, I found an article from which stated, "the Brits tried a holistic approach to ecology by using sustainable materials, cleaner manufacturing processes, renewable energy generation and of course, by reducing the car’s weight." Hemp (industrial cannabis) is used to make the car's body, spoiler, and seats, which makes it extremely durable. As a person who is pro-legalization, I was so happy to find this, a perfect example to show the plant's multiple uses. "As for renewable energy generation, the Eco Elise’s hemp hard top incorporates a set of solar panels that provide power for the car’s electrical systems." These environmentally friendly changes help save 70 pounds from the weight of the car. Wow...could this car get any better?
The youtube video called Building With Hemp shows how using hemp in construction projects is extremely energy efficient. It eliminates carbon emissions that would have been used with traditional materials and also saves money and energy as the building would not have to use any heating method whatsoever...hemp provides natural insallation!
These new methods for reducing our carbon footprint by using hemp is radically efficient as well as beneficial. I hope these kinds of changes are adopted by the U.S. in the near future.

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