Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Way to Get Electricity from Natural Gas

MIT researchers could provide electricity with zero carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere with a new type of natural-gas electric power plant. The costs of this natural-gas electric power plant will comparable to or even less to that of natural-gas plants and coal-burning plants meaning it's even cheaper and better on the planet. The U.S. Congress and other governments are considering this as a way to bring about a change or slow the progression of climate change. The way the system works is that, without requiring any new technology just a combination process of old, existing ones, a proposed system is that it uses solid oxide fuel cells and produce power from fuel without burning it. This system runs on natural gas, saving an equivalent of half to one-third the emissions from coal plants a year. There is hope to be some sort of carbon pricing, which attempts to take into account the true price exacted on the environment by greenhouse gas emissions. The natural-gas electric power plant is quite possibly the lowest. The market for the best, lowest system will be a competitive market, which would be a great thing. Although haven't being built yet, small prototypes are on the way and they show initiative on the progress of at least future thinking on how to save the environment. Its an idea to consider, well thought out and a foot in the right direction.

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