Friday, December 11, 2009

Oxidation and Remediation

As I was researching climate change, I came across an interesting website called Intellishare Environmental. Their web page can be found at, Intellishare Environmental is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing of oxidation technology for the environmental remediation industry. Intellishare is the leading manufacturer of thermal and oxidative technologies which aid in soil and groundwater remediation, violitale organic compounds, hazadrous air polluntants, odor abatement.
This company is at the forefront in the battle against climate change. They use the process of oxidation where they take harmful compounds and break them down into carbon dioxide and water vapor. Intellishare also uses thermal oxidation, which is process where extreme temperatures heat the containminated air, causing it to break into CO2 and water vapor. A third was in which Intellishare remediates the environment is by Catalytic oxidation. During this process hydrocarbons are combined with oxygen at certain temperatures, between 400 and 800 degrees farenheit, this process yield the same nonvolitale byproducts of CO2 and water vapor. With catalytic oxidation a catalyst is used as the name suggest, to accelrate the rate of a chemical reaction without consuming itself. The catalyst allows for the oxidation process to occur at a much lower temperature than that of thermal oxidation, and also has lower operating cost, because it requires less energy.
I think it should be mandatory for all companies that release harmful containments into the atmosphere, to install some variation of the Intellishare products. It would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a large amounts and make our planet a cleaner and healthy place to live.

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