Friday, December 11, 2009

Ways to Reduce Global Warming

Throughout the year we discussed many things that have been occurring on the planet. One of the most significant is global warming. I read an article recently about how we can reduce this problem.
Something that we many of us do already, recycle can contribute to a lot of the pollution we see as-well as reuse the materials we recycle.
During the summer and winter months we use all forms or electronics to either heat our homes or cool them down. This is huge being that we use an abundant amount of energy t heat our homes. If we can chalk our doors and windows to prevent heat loss and reduce heat use when we don't need it as much such as when we go to work or at night we can solve this problem.
If we can use more energy efficient products such as light bulbs or more energy efficient cars we can get rid of old products that are consuming more energy than we can prevent from being used.
The article also mentioned planting trees. Due to an increase in the demand for crops and other resources many forests are being demolished and although we will not be able to replant all the trees that have been torn down we can still make a contribution to replant one.
But the biggest way to reducing global warming to me, and to the article was to encourage other people to contribute to doing these small things like changing your light bulb, using less heat. Too many people don't think they need to do anything because they feel enough people around them are contributing enough as it is. In reality if everyone we to help out it would make these global affects less significant and i feel it is important to encourage people around you to be smart and more energy efficient.

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