Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reusable Bags

As I was at the grocery store today I was thinking about changes that every person can make in their everyday lives that will help change the world. What if grocery stores no longer offered plastic bags? What if people had to bring their own reusable bags and use them for their purchases? Many people today use reusable bags; I know I try to remember mine when I go to the store and when I am at the store I always see people using them. However I always see many more plastic bags leaving the store than anything else. Reusable bags are something that every person can switch to. Not only are they affordable (I saw them at Price Chopper today for 99 cents) they also hold so much more than a plastic bag and I find them much easier to carry.
What if grocery stores just did not provide bags for people anymore? The stores would save money because they would not have to purchase bags. Eventually these savings might lead to a slight decrease in food prices. The bags would also lead to less trash going into our landfills and a slightly healthier planet. Everyone has the ability to purchase a 99 cent reusable bag, and there is no reason Plastic bags are still being used today. Plastic bags are a product that are harmful to the environment and tehy are something that every person could stop using today. This is a small change and will not solve our environmental problems but it is an easy change and even small changes like this one will add up and help over time.

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