Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dublin Plant Recieves Enviormental Award

On Thursday, Orion Energy System gave Flexsteel Industries Inc. an Environmental Stewardship Award for reducing their consumption of electricity, their consumption of water and their waste. The company located in Dublin, is an Iowa-based company which designs and manufactures mostly wooden furniture for residential, commercial, recreation use. The company has contributed to the environment by reducing over one million kw hours which saves 80 thousand dollars on power billing, saved 683 tons of carbon dioxide and reducing electricity to an amount equivalent enough to power 100 homes per year, and saving 85,889 gallons of gasoline per year.

The methods the plant is using isn't negatively affecting any of its workers or employees. In fact they are proud to be apart of this effort to save the environment. The company plans to hold an award ceremony to celebrate its accomplishments and that of its employees. In additions to the Environmental Stewardship Award, Flexsteel is also being recognized by "Keep Georgia Beautiful." They are doing what they can to help the planet and in the process companies are taking notice.

I feel that more companies should take the effort to do what they can to save the planet themselves. A lot of industrial companies are the ones that are smoking up the skies, contributing to the pollution problem all in the name for faster, cheaper production. However Flexsteel is making effort to help. If more companies take the initiative to do what they can to help we can begin to see a major change. Many of these changes not only help the enviorment but also helps the company itself. As mentioned before Flexsteel saved 80 thousand dollars in its power bill. This saved money can greatly help companies and lets face it for anyone the more money saved the better. I feel that being awarded and recognized is a great incentive for other companies to do the same. Not only is it recognition but it gets the companies name out there and not for a negative reason. People appreciate efforts that big companies can make and the planet appreciates it too.

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