Saturday, November 14, 2009

Climate Change

Many times people talk about climate change, but after speaking to my younger cousin I realized that not many people actually know what climate change is. In basic terms all climate change really is is a change in modern climate that can span a certain region over a certain period of time. Hearing this one may ask " So whats the big deal?" In reality climate change is a big deal and affects people, agriculture, the ecosystem and Earth in general!

The negative effects of climate change is mainly a result of the increasing heating up of the Earth. Adaption to this change can be both costly and difficult. In fact an increase anywhere from 2-3 degrees Celsius within the next 100 years can result in great damage. Thing like the ecosystem, agriculture, health, water, temperature, and energy are all affected. The ecosystem is affected by changing function and structure which has an effect on the animals of that system. Agriculture is affected in a way that even thought CO2 levels can help crops, loss of vegetation may harm crop growth. Health is affected due to an increase in heat related health illnesses such as heart and respiratory issues. Water is affected in many ways. When it comes to the water cycle evaporation increasing makes way for more storms while at the same time drying up the land. Sea levels are also rising at an increasing pace due to the melting of polar regions. And extreme floods and droughts are more likely to occur. Extreme temperature changes are more likely to occur in ways of extreme heat which in itself has a lot of consequences. And finally energy is affected in due to the costly ways to temporarily cure the problem in ways such as in billing. It also affects the hydro system in their attempts to help energy crisis.

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