Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Saving Ourselves

The lecture in class yesterday proved to me that indeed, before you can save the world, you have to save yourself. Signing that petition requesting more locally produced food really made me believe we can make a difference, one little step at a time.
Another little step we can take, which was discussed in class, is providing students the option to learn how to farm or garden important foods so that we can all eat healthier. I've been feeling for a while that the foods I eat really are not as nutritious as they should be because they have been processed and shipped. Not to mention the fact that our government has been proven, time and again, to care only about the profits instead of what's best for us. By implementing courses in the school curriculum that teach growing and sustainability with a hands-on perspective, we could really see a change in the way we live our lives. I would love to say I have a major/minor in farming/gardening.
Seeing as how there are community gardens popping up in crowded, industrialized cities like the Bronx, it shouldn't be hard for the university to find a patch of land for students to harvest and run, whether it be for a class or optional enjoyment.

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  1. I realized I'm literally eating the worst food after hearing that lecture by Prof. Kleppel. My roommates and I buy all of our food at Walmart because it's the cheapest and were all struggling. However, I am more than willing to buy from local farms as long as they are at a proximal distance. It's definitely worth the extra money because your getting quality food, supporting local farmers, and it's helping the environment by eliminating transportation. If a hands on gardening glass was offered I would definitely take it, even if it was some sort of community service type thing. If I knew how to garden properly and grow legitimate food, at home I would do it all spring and summer long.