Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Community Gardens

In class we had a guest speaker who made me realize the importance of fresh food and its impact on the bosy and the enviorment. My family comes from a country that grew and relied on agriculture so my parents did thier best to bring what they could of that here, when the moved to America. In my back yard we grow tomatoes, cucumbers, string beans, pumpkins and hot peppers. We're lucky enough to have a space to grow these crops however living in the city, also known as the concrete jungle, many people don't have much green space to do this. This is where community gardens come to play.

A community garden is a plot of land in which many people come together to take care of in order to be able to use it to plant what they want. This allows people without a yard to be able to grow what they want to. They are open to the public as long as those who participate agree to take care of the land in which they are using.

Comming from the Bronx I was surprised to hear that there are many community gardens located there. I never really saw any but then figured that I never really was looking. I did research to see where many of these gardens where located and came up with a long list. The only problem with this list was that many of these gardens are at risl of being threatened which means that if more people don't get invovlved the government may replace the green land with what they seem necessary, which according to them is anything thay can make money off of. Its the people who need to spread the word and utilize these community gardens so that we may be able to live fresh and healthy while saving the Earth.

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