Sunday, November 29, 2009

population growth

Today the population of the world is growing at an exponential rate. If this growth continues eventually the human race will meet and then exceed the carrying capacity of the earth can support. At that time there will be drastic consequences and an almost yo-yo like effect on the human population. The population will probably drop rapidly then grow again then drop rapidly and repeat this process with less death and less growth each time until the population eventually stabilizes. We might be able to avoid this devastating effect if we can curb and stabilize our populations now.
Today the fastest growing populations are in countries that are less developed and less stable. Because even though they have a higher death rate and a higher infant mortality rate the number of children each woman has is much larger than in more developed countries. These are the countries that we need to focus on and help them find ways to lower the rate at which their population is growing. One way to do this would be to educate the woman. Better educated woman have more prospects and are less likely to have a large number of children. In less developed countries children are sometimes used as a source of free labor or cheap income. This is a way of life that needs to be stopped in order to lower the population growth of the world to a more manageable rate. Family planning is helpful but unless the women have control and are allowed to have a say in their pregnancies this method will not be as effective as we need it to be. Population growth is a serious problem we face today, as serious and as catastrophic as global warming and pollution. There are many things we can do to help under developed countries bring their birth rates down and keep the population at a stable rate that the earth can sustain. Population growth is a problem that is not as publicized as other environmental concerns. But as more and more people live on this planet the environment is strained more and more.

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